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Treatment Sessions
In a hands-on injury treatment session, one or several parts of the body may be treated. Treatments may start with the client on his or her back, or face down, depending on the reason for the treatment. The client is often asked to participate in deciding what is needed during a particular session. Injury treatment sessions usually begin at twice a week and scale down as the condition improves.
Headache Treatment Sessions
The cause of headaches may be simple or complex and treatment may involve a variety of approaches. The type of headache the person suffers from determines the treatment protocol. (Put a link here to Headache article) If the individual has tension or migraine headaches, various hands-on approaches are known to be effective treatments without the use of drugs. But if the headache is due to injuries to the neck ligaments or misalignment of the neck vertebrae, other treatment modalities must be used for an effective outcome. As with any pain problem, without precisely identifying the cause of the headache, treatment is usually minimally effective.
Health Maintenance Treatment
Health maintenance treatment is designed for everyone who is regularly subjected to periods of excess stress. Treatment is scheduled on a regular basis to reduce the general muscular tension build-up and to increase blood circulation and decrease stress in the body. Areas needing attention are discussed and simple self-care exercises are recommended.