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Practice-Based Decision Making

This ON DEMAND webinar may only be taken after completion of the other 5 webinars in this series


This entire series was designed to equip you with a solid understanding of prenatal adaptations, instill a sense of the normalcy of pregnancy, and transform fear and misconceptions into solid guidelines. This forms the basis of safe and effective prenatal massage.

To summarize those recommendations, in this final webinar, we will organize and expand on those recommendations by:

listing methodological precautions and guidelines for abdominal, Swedish, reflexive, deep tissue, and passive & active movement modalities

presenting a trimester positioning guidelines summary

identifying the advantages of sidelying positioning for a safe, effective & comfortable prenatal massage


A final critical component to understanding prenatal adaptations is determining the appropriate precautions and actions when signs of medical complications do occur. After an overview of the most common of these conditions, and of those most likely to develop them, we will use several client scenarios to refine your ability to identify these more unusual circumstances and know when to refer.


You agree to these terms if you purchase this course:

1. You understand that this webinar offers reliable, yet limited education in prenatal massage therapy; therefore, this is not a certification program.

2. You understand that this course provides continuing education hours, and completion of this webinar does not imply certification, endorsement, or authorization of any sort for your practice or teaching of prenatal massage therapy; therefore, you agree to not represent yourself directly or by implication in marketing activities or any communications to clients or others that you are certified, endorsed, or authorized by the Benjamin Institute, or any other agency to practice or teach prenatal massage therapy on the basis of participation in this webinar.

3. You agree to conduct your practice of prenatal massage therapy in accordance with the ethical and legal guidelines of the organizations to which you belong or by which you are licensed or registered.

By purchasing this product, you verify your understanding of and agreement to these three statements and limitations.



This webinar cannot be purchased individually. It must be taken after the other webinars in the series.

The fee for all six webinars is $155.

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CE Hours:

1.25 CE hours for this webinar

7.5 CE hours for the full series

(approved by NCBTMB, NYS, and Florida CE Broker)


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