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Unraveling the Mystery of Elbow Pain 2:
Tennis Elbow

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Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is the most common and best-known cause of elbow pain. Frequently affecting both arms at the same time, this injury is often tricky to assess and treat because it can affect up to five different locations in the elbow and forearm simultaneously.


Tennis elbow makes it difficult to do anything from opening the door to cooking dinner to working on your computer. Itís often the beginning of a repetitive pain syndrome that can attack the entire upper limb.


In this webinar, weíll cover the relevant anatomy, assessment tests, clinical applications, effective treatment techniques, and multiple exercise strategies to prevent this injury from occurring again. Supplementary instructional videos detailing the assessment tests, massage and myofascial treatment techniques, and exercise rehabilitation programs can be viewed after the webinar.

Unraveling the Mystery of Elbow Pain

From tennis elbow to biceps injuries to bursitis and arthritis, elbow and forearm injuries are both common and debilitating. These pain conditions often take years to heal on their own, because itís difficult to do anything in our modern world without using the muscles of the lower arm. To make matters worse, many practitioners lack sufficient understanding of these injuries to provide proper assessment and treatment. In this series of webinars, youíll gain the knowledge and skills needed to both assess and successfully treat the majority of cases of elbow and forearm pain. Just as important, youíll get clear on the conditions you cannot help and the appropriate referrals for those client cases.



Webinars in this series include:


1. Golferís elbow


2. Tennis elbow


3. Other Culprits in Elbow Dysfunction


Please Note: Each webinar will be available On Demand after it occurs live. On Demand webinars can be viewed for 90 days from their original airdate, by all registered participants (including those who view the webinars live).


Each webinar is $25

The series is $59

A savings of 16

Continuing Education Hours:
Golferís Elbow: 1.25 CE hours

Tennis Elbow: 1.25 CE hours

Other Culprits in Elbow Dysfunction: 1.50 CE hours

Full Elbow Series: 4 CE hours

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