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Online Assessments with Dr. Ben Benjamin

Case Study:

Charlotte Aziza Barker has been a practicing massage therapy since 1995, in Texas. She first learned of Dr. Ben Benjamin through his book Listen To Your Pain in 1999 and in 2010 discovered his webinars through The Benjamin Institute.

The client is a young, active woman frustrated by the limitations of a diving injury, which had fractured multiple vertebrae in her spine. She travelled to meet with orthopedic specialists around Texas but was unsatisfied with their findings and lack of an effective treatment plan. The client sought out Ms. Barker.

Nervous about the client’s spinal fractures and lacking confidence in her ability to accurately assessing the difference between a muscle and a ligament injury, Ms. Barker approached Dr. Ben Benjamin to do a remote evaluation.  She and the client met with Dr. Benjamin via video conferencing (a format similar to Skype). This enabled Dr. Benjamin to take a complete history and walk Ms. Barker through the appropriate orthopedic assessments, correcting hand positions and techniques when needed and create a treatment plan.

Both Ms. Barker and the client commented on how personable and professional Dr. Benjamin was and how easy and relaxed it was to spend the session with him. Ms. Barker commented that at one point Dr. Benjamin used a model vertebra to illustrate important information. Ms. Barker lives in a remote town and often feels very isolated in her practice.  She found this one-on-one, “hands-on” training while with her client to be a gift.

Ms. Barker saw the client for ten 30-40 minute sessions approximately 2-3 times per week  She used the techniques recommended, including cross friction on specific ligaments around the site of the greatest discomfort and pain. The client's range of motion increased 30-50%. She has maintained her post treatment exercises and her pain and numb-like symptoms have subsided.

Ms. Barker and her client chose to do a follow up session with Dr. Benjamin in order to add more specific exercises to the client’s routine.  With Dr. Benjamin’s help they were able to isolate additional areas to work on to help her actualize her new goal of being able to surf again. Currently they are in the middle of another 10-session treatment plan.
Ms. Barker said the unexpected benefits of working with Dr. Benjamin were:

•    Witnessing the direct befits of a treatment plan that required more frequent visits
•    Utilizing orthopedic tests each session to stay focused on the treatment plan
•    Gaining confidence in identifying specific muscle and ligament injuries
•    Client appreciation of the process
•    Multiple referrals since the beginning of this process

Advanced One-on-One Training With Dr. Ben Benjamin
Through the power of online video conferencing Dr. Ben Benjamin can now walk you through taking a history, performing the necessary orthopedic assessments and creating a treatment plan for your most challenging clients.  This all occurs in real time while you are hands-on in your practice. You can earn CEs for the time you work with Dr. Ben Benjamin in this powerful one-on-one format.

Broaden your scope of practice
Boost your confidence
Help clients recover faster and more completely
Receive the support you need from a leading expert
Earn CEs while working in your own practice

To set up an Advanced One-on-One Training with Dr. Ben Benjamin contact the office by email: or phone: 617-576-0555

Initial evaluation session (approximately 1 hr) - $250
Fee often covered by client; follow-ups available at a reduced rate

1 CE

Note: Prior to the evaluation, it would be ideal to have studied the part of the body that will be evaluated, through Dr. Ben Benjamin’s Webinars or DVD programs, but is not required. A 20% discount is available on these products to all Advanced One-on-One training participants.